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Rules and Regulations

The Carney Cemetery is to become a modern non-sectarian cemetery, operated on the Park and Lawn Plan to insure less expense of maintenance and perpetual care under the financial operation, donation and sale of lots. The Carney Cemetery, a corporation, is organized and incorporated under the laws of Oklahoma, and is operated by a Board of Directors, President, Vice president, Secretary–Treasurer and two Members-at-Large. Wherever in these rules and regulations the term “Cemetery,” “Cemetery Association” or “Association” appears it is to be understood to refer to said Corporation. A high standard of efficiency, as well as the protection of the owners, requires the adoption and enforcement of the following rules and regulations. The Association is dedicated to making the Carney Cemetery the finest Cemetery that our available money, time and service can produce. The Association also provides and maintains a Veteran’s Memorial within the Cemetery. The rules and regulations governing the Carney Cemetery have been formulated after due consideration, with the fixed purpose to make use of every provision and safeguard which experience can devise to preserve it. While some may appear arbitrary, each, however, has been adopted for the specific purpose of protecting the lot owner and to insure the beauty, character and distinction of the Cemetery. They apply without exception to every lot owner and to every visitor to the Carney Cemetery, and it is expected that they will be duly appreciated and properly respected. Due to past circumstances there exists some deviations of the following rules and regulations, owners of these lots will be allowed to maintain them, however, they will be removed if and when the Board deems it necessary to maintain the integrity of the Cemetery. Therefore at this meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carney Cemetery Association on August 10, 2006 the following rules and regulations were approved and are effective on this same date.

1.    Lots shall be used for no other purpose than the burial of the human dead of any race, creed or nationality.

2.    All lots are sold subject to the by-laws, rules and regulations heretofore enacted and which may hereinafter be adopted.

3.    All work performed within the Cemetery will be done by employees of the Cemetery Association under the direction of the Secretary, with the Carney Cemetery Associations Board of Directors oversight, except when permission is otherwise granted.

4.    Lot owners shall make no improvements or erect any monument, marker, structure without first securing the consent of the Secretary. If any monument, effigy, structure, improvement or other object whatsoever, or any inscription be placed in or upon any lot which may be determined by the Cemetery Management to be offensive or injurious to the appearance of the surrounding lots or grounds, the Secretary shall have the right to enter in upon such lot and remove such object.

5.    No enclosure of any kind, such as a fence, hedge or ditch, shall be permitted around any grave or lot. Cornerstones and copings around lots must be flush with the sod and maintained by the owner, including edging. Grave mounds higher than three inches will not be allowed once fully settled and no lot shall be raised above the established grade. No chat is allowed on any lot.

6.    Benches, settees, surface vaults, boxes, urns, shells, toys and other similar articles upon a grave or lot are inconsistent with the idea of a park or lawn Cemetery and with modern custom and usage in well established Cemeteries, and will not be permitted, except decorations will be permitted just before Memorial Day and two weeks following Memorial Day at which time they will be removed to facilitate maintenance. Floral arrangements that do not interfere with mowing may remain longer.

7.    No trees, shrubbery, plants or flowers shall be planted, pruned or removed without the consent of the Secretary; who acting for the best interest of the cemetery shall have the authority to prune, remove or transplant any tree, shrub, plant or anything upon any lot when it is deemed such a course necessary or advisable. All walkways between lots belong to the Cemetery Association and are to be kept clear at all times.

8.    No purchaser of a lot shall sell or convey the same without incorporating in his deed by reference or otherwise, all the conditions, limitations and restrictions of the By-laws, rules and regulations of the Cemetery Association, and shall notify the Secretary of the Cemetery association, in writing, the date and to whom transferred, this, in order that the Cemetery Association’s records may at all times be complete and correct.

9.    Only one stone or marker will be permitted on a grave, except for a Veteran’s headstone and Military marker. All markers and foot stones must be set flush with and following the contour of the established grade. The Cemetery Association is not responsible for damage to any object upon any lot.

10.     No material shall be allowed to remain longer than is reasonably necessary for any construction work. Any surplus of material must be removed at the expense of the lot owner promptly after completion of such construction work. No heavy hauling will be permitted in wet weather.

11.    No internment will be permitted in a lot without written order of the lot owner showing the exact location of the grave on the lot and not unless a proper burial certificate or permit is furnished. No grave shall be started on any lot without giving advanced notice to the Secretary.

12.     Only one internment shall be permitted in a grave except in the case of a mother and infant or two children in one casket.

13.    No person shall enter the Cemetery except through the gates, and then only from daylight to sunset.

14.    Single graves will receive the same degree of care as other portions of the grounds. In case a body is removed from a single grave the ground shall revert to the Cemetery Association and the usual charge for disinterment will be made.

15.     No dogs, persons carrying firearms (except rifles for a Military Salute) or intoxicating liquors, or persons otherwise disorderly, will be permitted within the grounds. No person shall bring into the Cemetery, or display therein, any sign of any advertising nature.

16.     No protests of any nature will be allowed at any time within the Carney Cemetery.

17.     These rules and regulations may be changed at any time and can be made retroactive if deemed necessary by the Association.

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